VEGAN VALENTINE'S COMBO with non alcoholic drinks

VEGAN VALENTINE'S COMBO with non alcoholic drinks

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This one's for all the lovers out there. Enjoy a Bundobust style Valentine's date night in the comfort of your own home.


* 9 pre-prepared, ready to heat at home dishes. Including brand new dishes.

* 4 vegan cocktails.

* Bundobust Spotify playlist.

* Valentine's card with easy to follow heating instructions.

Serves 2. Collect from your nearest Bundobust on the 13th February.



Makai Ki Tikki 

Sweetcorn & potato fritters spiced with Bundo garam massala. Served with a coriander, mint and chilli chutney.

Kofta Kadai 

Slow-cooked tomato, onion, and whole-spice sauce with cauliflower and soya koftas.

Black Dhal 

Our staff Christmas party Dhal, slow cooked mung dhal cooked with ginger, chilli and garam massala.

Renghan & Bataka Shak 

A Gujarati-style curry with aubergine, potato, okra and tomato spiced with coriander seeds, cumin and chilli.

Lemon Pilau Rice 

Lemon-fragranced pilau with cumin, carrot, peas, and green beans.

Methi Thepla 

Fresh Gujarati flatbread spiced with garlic, chilli and fresh fenugreek - hand-rolled by you!

Vegan Raita 

Vegan yoghurt with cucumber, red onion, coriander seed and chillies.  

Sambharo Slaw

Shredded cabbage, carrot and squash pickle with mustard seeds, chilli and lemon.

Gajar Halwa 

Slow cooked carrot and plant-milk fudge with cardamom, saffron, pistachios and almonds. Served with an orange and vanilla cream.



Mango Lopez x 2

A refreshing blend of mango, pineapple, coconut and lime.

Sharab Mukt Shrub x 2

A zingy and fruity crush of Apple, cranberry, pomegranate and lime.